Anne Horstmann studied flute with Werner Boneko and Carin Levine at the Dortmund Institute of Music in Detmold. She graduated with honours. Her range of instruments includes the entire flute family as well as exotic instruments such as the Chinese dizi, Mauritian bamboo flute and Indian bansuri. The exploration of contemporary music and collaboration with composers is an important element of Anne Horstmann's artistic work.

She is the dedicatee of various flute compositions and the concerto "Der Turm der Winde". She has created interdisciplinary projects with artists from the fields of painting, dance, theatre, pantomime, writing, performance and light art. Specialising in 20th and 21st century music, she has performed in France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Romania, Australia, Ecuador and the USA (New York, Chicago).

In 1996 she founded the duo Neue Flötentöne, for whose unusual instrumentation, the combination of flute and recorder instruments in the 20th and 21st centuries, around 50 works by renowned composers have been written.

Radio recordings, concert recordings and productions with RB (Radio Bremen), NDR, WDR and Deutschlandfunk. Various CD recordings. Grants from the Mariann Steegmann Foundation/Liechtenstein, the DAAD, the German Music Council and the Goethe Institute.

Anne Horstmann gained experience in the field of musical theatre through guest performance contracts and engagements at the municipal stages of Dortmund and Sankt Gallen (CH), as well as at the musical theatres in Stuttgart ("Miss Saigon"), Duisburg ("Les Misérables") and Oberhausen ("Die Schöne und das Biest", "Tanz der Vampire", "Wicked", "Phantom der Oper" and "Tarzan").

Anne Horstmann is a lecturer at TU Dortmund University and gives courses and workshops.

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Press reviews

Excerpts from press releases about Anne Horstmann's programmes.

About "La donna è mobile"

Women's reception in Wunstorf for International Women's Day

This year, the trained musician and entertainer Anne Horstmann presented a cheerful and ironic programme entitled "La donna è mobile":
The women were thrilled by Anne Horstmann's high level of performance skills in words and flute playing and enraptured by the charm and humour with which she presented her literary and musical "Fundstücke". (Translated from German)

Wunstorfer Stadtanzeiger

„O how deceptive are women's hearts"

To mark International Women's Day, the staff of the Frechen public library and the town's Equal Opportunities Officer organised a "musical reading" in the public library. In front of a sold-out audience, flautist Anne Horstmann delighted the audience with an unusual mixture of flute music and texts from works by well-known writers.
Lively melodies from opera to jazz, complemented by flute masterpieces on the flute and piccolo, provided the perfect backdrop for the skilfully performed texts about female characters in literature and their balancing act between social expectations and emancipation. (Translated from German)

Pressenotizen Stadt Frechen

About „Oh làlà la France!"

Symbiosis of literature and music
Flutist Anne Horstmann struck a chord with the audience with "Oh làlà, la France!"

"Oh làlà, la France!" was the motto when flautist Anne Horstmann shared the price of freedom or the sin of gluttony with her audience as part of the French Culture Days at Haus Opherdicke.
In her performance, the trained musician combined her stories with musical interludes, making the reading an extraordinary event. She knew how to lead the 80 or so guests in the Spiegelsaal from amusement to astonishment to contemplative impressions. The charismatic flautist always had the right flute at hand from her diverse selection of instruments to match the texts by writer Alphonse Daudet and philosopher Michel de Montaigne. From the wooden transverse flute to the alto transverse flute and the "dizi", a Chinese bamboo transverse flute, she created a symbiosis of literature and music that was well received by the audience.
Anne Horstmann impressed the audience musically with the baroque sounds of Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, who was extremely creative in his day, and interpretations of the impressionist composer Claude Debussy. She elicited gentle, cheerful and melancholy melodies from her instruments with dedication and never lost her breath, even with the lively rhythms. And she always hit the right note to emphasise the message of the story.
Anne Horstmann thus carefully offered the appropriate flute music for each of her literary excerpts, and she also knew how to inspire the audience as a skilful speaker. She embodied the protagonists with facial expressions and gestures and also masterfully slipped into the various roles vocally, so that the audience followed the amusing passages with amusement and allowed themselves to be captivated by the emotional moments. (Translated from German)

Hellweger Anzeiger

To the Christmas programme „Alle Jahre wieder"

When Batman stands at the cot

The artist Anne Horstmann makes her audience laugh, smile and think with a mixture of music and literature. (Translated from German)

Bünder Zeitung

„Weihnachten und andere Katastrophen“

The title promised turbulent entertainment. Anne Horstmann kept this promise and entertained her audience with a versatile, dynamic and expressive "one-woman show". (Translated from German)

Neue Westfälische

In addition to her flute art, Anne Horstmann inspired with stories that were sometimes cheerful and funny, but also creepy and thought-provoking... The unusual mixture of flute music and Christmas texts was inspiring and gave hope that the motto "Alle Jahre wieder" was to be taken literally. (Translated from German)

Bochholter-Borkener Volksblatt

At the Romantikhotel Elmer, Anne Horstmann took her guests on a lively journey through the absurdities surrounding the festive season. Contemplative and cheerful, scary and stressful - the colourful audience was treated to a multi-faceted ride from the first Advent to New Year's morning. Whether it was horror stories about damned chaplains who fall prey to the temptation of gluttony during Christmas mass and still have to read ghost masses today as punishment, or "worries about the future" in the face of repeated good intentions for the New Year: Anne Horstmann knew how to bring her stories and anecdotes to life. The flute playing also set dynamic accents, for example with "Slapstick Blues" or Mozart variations on „Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann". (Translated from German)

Rheinische Post

The audience sat tightly packed in Marienthal's Hotel Haus Elmer and listened to Anne Horstmann's stories. The only thing missing to create an "all-round feel-good atmosphere" was a crackling open fire. (Translated from German)

Neue Rhein Zeitung

About „Macht Euch Trunken!"

Anne Horstmann's lively narration was outstanding and her grandiose and precise interjections on the flute gave the listener time to appreciate the wit of her stories.. (Translated from German)

Neue Ruhr Zeitung

Rich cocktail in Marienthal

Anne Horstmann took her audience on a lively journey into the world of alcohol: she offered a refreshing cocktail of varied music and entertaining texts on the subject of full-flavoured drinks.
The musical and literary programme about the intoxicating and tipsy effects of alcoholic beverages spanned countries and time: from the 16th century to the present day, from South America to Australia - a multi-faceted performance that made the guests smile and reflect quietly and provided them with the best entertainment.
Between the individual passages, musical performances on the flute rounded off the colourful programme: whether it was a spirited flamenco over a toccata by Bach, a fiery tango or a reference to Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Horstmann was a master of her virtuoso art. Her joy in playing was just as evident as her pleasure in performing.
The audience rewarded so much mischievous wisdom with enthusiastic applause. The encore was the extra shot in the evening's high-percentage mix. (Translated from German)

Rheinische Post

The woman with the many flutes and the amusing lyrics was immediately convincing. (Translated from German)

Bochholter-Borkener Volksblatt

Passion in sound and words

Passion unites the 99 female writers that Veronika Auffermann and Elke Schmitter have portrayed together with two fellow critics in the book "99 Women Authors of World Literature". And a passion for flute music was a perfect match for the reading of four chapters from the book at the mommenta festival concert. The fireplace room at Bodelschwingh moated castle provided a stylish backdrop for the evening.
Flutist Anne Horstmann had perfectly matched the choice of music to the texts.
The theme and variations by Marcadante were like a musical headline for the evening, the experimental "Immaginabile" by Violeta Dinescu a beautiful introduction to the postlude by Inger Christensen and the musical riddle game by Tom Johnson a delight for the audience. The flautist echoed Margret Mitchell with Ros Bandt's "Spuren im Sand". With Rossé's "Chant 5", she delivered a witty and impulsive finale. (Translated from German)


Anne Horstmann's playing is as transparent as a crystal and radiates a constant, untouchable calm and harmony. (Translated from German)

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